The people who deliver to you our tailored True Advantage® programs are dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic in managing document production so you may focus your energy on your highest and best purpose to your organization.

  • Sales Executive

    Sales Executive

    My number one job is to listen. Once I understand your needs, I can match you with the appropriate program and tailor services to give you the best possible outcome. I see my role as that of a consultant. – Patricia

  • Assessment Consultant

    Assessment Consultant

    Most of my clients know some of the details about their fleet but never have been able to tie it together. I love presenting the facts in a simple way that decision makers can understand. My clients appreciate that. – Sherrie

  • On-Boarding Coordinator

    On-Boarding Coordinator

    Implementing any new program can prove challenging. I reduce that risk by educating clients with the details of their program so they can maximize the benefits and focus on what’s important to them. –Andrew

  • Account Manager

    Account Manager

    I distill the details of what we’ve done into a comprehensive and easy to understand information exchange so you have all the information you need to make decisions. I’ll also uncover opportunities and make recommendations to keep you on course. –Lisa

  • Fleet Monitoring

    Fleet Monitoring Analyst

    Our continuous monitoring helps me predict and anticipate problems before they occur. My preventive approach eliminates about half of the normal issues that can happen. – Stacie

  • Dispatch Resolution

    Dispatch Resolution

    I like being the single point of contact for your service needs. I can guarantee that I’ll have the right field engineers and parts available for quick response and first call resolution. We even measure that. – Natassja

  • Field Engineer

    Field Engineer

    I balance two things at one time. While on location, I’m visible and accessible to my clients if they need me, but remain invisible while I complete repairs and stock consumables. – Ahmet